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If you’re not happy with your teeth, it could be because they’re not as straight as you might like. If this is true, then there are a number of options that you could take. One option is having a brace fitted. However, there are a few reasons that you might not be keen about doing this.

Many people find that tarditional braces can have an impact on how they’re able to eat, not to mention knock their confidence because of how they look. If this is something that you have been worried about, then the great news is that Invisalign braces could give you the smile that you want, without having to be concerned about having unsightly braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth if you’re looking for discretion and as little hassle as possible. It has numerous benefits when compared with other kinds of braces, and it is made just for you. This means that it will be effective because the treatment plan has been put together with you in mind.

What are the benefits of this approach?

The main benefits of this approach are to do with discretion and success of treatment. When you think about braces, you will probably think about the ugly, metal things that your friends wore during their teenage years. You might associate them with stuck food, awkward smiles, and a lack of self-confidence, and this might mean that you were wary about getting any kind of braces for yourself.

Invisalign, on the other hand, are clear – which means that nobody needs to know that you’re wearing them unless you choose to tell them. Not only this, but they can also be removed, as opposed to regular braces which need to stay in place. This means that you can wear them for the majority of the time so that they can do their job, but you can still take them out when you need to eat, brush or floss – making all of those jobs a lot easier.

How will I be fitted with the brace?

Firstly, we will take impressions and scans of your teeth. Your first brace will then be designed using 3D technology, which means that you can be sure that it is going to fit your mouth perfectly. We will fit it for you, making sure that everything is in place, and that it is as comfortable as possible.

Once your brace is in place, we will advise you about how often you can take it out, which will allow you to eat with ease. The brace will be replaced approximately every two weeks, with a slightly different alignment being fitted each time. This means that, slowly, your teeth will be moved into place. 

How do I take care of the brace?

The brace is very easy to take care of, and you will need to rinse it when it has been removed. It will also need to be soaked every so often, and we will give you advice about how you should do this. Remember that you will be given a new brace approximately every two weeks, meaning that it will be fresh each time.

How do I take care of my teeth during and after wearing the brace?

While you are wearing your brace, you will need to take care of your teeth in exactly the same way as you normally would. You are able to remove the brace, meaning that you can brush perfectly well, and you should also floss and use mouthwash on a regular basis.

After you have removed your brace for the final time, we may fit you with a retainer. Often, you will simply be able to wear this overnight, meaning that your teeth will stay in place. This may need to be worn for a number of years. Other than this, you will be able to stick to the same, healthy dental routine that you have always used.

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