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Your smile is one of the most important and most obvious things about you as a person. Not only can having a beautiful smile boost your self-confidence, but it can also help to give the best possible first impression when you meet new people, too.

With this in mind, if there are certain aspects of your smile that you don’t like, or that you’re not comfortable with, you may be hoping that you can do something about it. No matter whether you have damaged your teeth through an accident, or you simply don’t like the way that your teeth have developed naturally, a smile makeover could be everything that you need to put things right and give you the boost that you need.

What is a smile makeover?

Put simply, a smile makeover is a treatment plan that can truly transform the way that your teeth look. Depending on the issues that you are experiencing, you may find that either one single treatment is enough, or that you need a bespoke selection of treatments from our expert dental team. The treatments that we can offer to you can change the way your smile looks, leaving you thrilled with the results, and we can also offer expert help and advice to guide you towards the right decision regarding your treatment plan.

How do I start the process?

You can start the process of your smile makeover by booking yourself in for a consultation with one of our team. At this consultation, we can listen carefully to your concerns, in order to get an idea of exactly what you would like to change about your smile.

You may have some knowledge of the treatments that we can offer to you, but we can probably make you aware of some that you have never even heard of – meaning that you will have a much broader range of options than you ever would have thought.

We can talk you through the treatments that we feel would be right for you and can take you through things step by step so that you know everything that will be involved in the process. We can also give you an indication of exactly how much your treatment plan will cost.

What kinds of treatments can you offer me?

There are many different treatments that we are able to offer, and there may be more than one way of getting the smile that you are aiming for. The treatments include:

  • Veneers – these change the appearance of your teeth, fixing chips, breaks and gaps
  • Dental implants – these are ideal if you have missing teeth that may be causing you to have a lack of confidence
  • Braces – these can be ideal if your teeth are not currently straight. Our braces are also offered in a special, near-invisible design, meaning that people will only know you have them if you choose to tell them
  • Whitening – this is ideal if you would like whiter teeth or to get rid of stains
  • Composite bonding – this treatment is perfect if you have cracks, chips or gaps in your teeth that cause you to dislike your smile. You will notice that your teeth look as good as new after this treatment

No matter what kind of issues you might have with your teeth, you can be sure that our team will be able to help you to decide the treatment options that will work best for you. We know that every single set of teeth is different, and this is why we do our best to ensure that all of our solutions are completely bespoke to you, thanks to the help and guidance of our experts.

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Because each treatment plan is bespoke, so is each price. However, our team will make sure to keep you informed of the cost throughout the whole process, which means that you will know exactly how much needs to be paid, and exactly when the payment is due.

Call on 020 7485 3711 to find out how our team can help you improve your smile.

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