Brighten up your autumn look with teeth whitening in Camden

It’s here already isn’t it, autumn? If you have been out and about recently, you will notice that the light levels have dropped and the gloomy months of dashing between the house, the tube and the office are upon us. Soon, the only light you will see when you are out on the streets will be the headlights of cars sitting in jams in the rain. So, how are you going to keep up your spirits up during the long winter months ahead?

Teeth Whitening in CamdenCan we suggest you be your own flashing beacon of hope by bestowing a really great smile on others? A good smile warms the cockles of people’s hearts and you can be the person who cheers them simply by getting teeth whitening in Camden with us at Ace Dental.

Teeth whitening is our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment because it is so quick and easy, and doesn’t alter the structure of your teeth in any way. All it does is remove all those stubborn stains, where traces of the foods and drinks you have consumed have sunk into the enamel of your teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine, even berries can get left behind when you consume them and build up until it’s like someone turned down the wattage of your smile.

Turning it up back again is easy and you can even choose how to get it done. You can go for the quick and dramatic change, or the subtle and gradual change.

Quick and dramatic teeth whitening in Camden

Take an hour or so out of your day, come to the Ace Dental clinic on Kentish Town Road and then chill out in our super comfy chair while we whiten your teeth for you. We start by placing a protective plastic barrier over your gums and lips. Then we paint on a whitening gel that is activated by a UV lamp. About an hour later, you will have teeth in the shade of white you have chosen.

Subtle and gradual

Get a bespoke whitening kit, complete with custom-made gel trays, and do the whitening yourself at home over 2-3 weeks.

Ageing, only more slowly

If you are over 40, you might think you want to look 18 again, but in fact, that would be a bit weird. What most people want when they come to us at Ace Dental for facial aesthetics is to look somewhere around how old they are but timeless. Looking timeless means having fewer lines and wrinkles, fewer folds and hollows, and to have skin that glows.

When we age, what happens is that the muscles in our faces start to drop, they also habitually contract to create particular lines. As for our skin, well, from about the age of 30, we start producing less of the compounds that give our skin that plump, glowing look and instead it starts to look thin and papery.

Facial Aesethetics in CamdenAt Ace Dental, our facial aesthetics in Camden are chosen to help you temporarily soften out wrinkles and smooth out hollows and folds. We use 2 treatments to do this: Botox and dermal fillers. Each contains different ingredients, works differently and is better on different parts of the face. You can use them separately, or combine the 2 treatments to great effect.

Facial aesethetics in Camden with Botox

Botox, the purified protein of the Botulinum toxin, is injected into muscles that are constantly contracted to create wrinkles. These tend to be on the upper third of the face: frown lines between the brows, worry lines above them, crow’s feet around the eyes, and smoker’s lines along the top lip. Botox temporarily prevents the muscles from receiving the signals from the nerves to contract. Over the next week after treatment, the muscles relax and smooth out. Treatments last about 4 months, and can be topped up after 3 months.

Facial aesethetics in Camden with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers plump out hollows and folds, which tend to appear around the lower part of the face. These are injected with hyaluronic acid, which is a compound the body uses to lock moisture into cells. Over the next 6 months to a year, the injected hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body. It works really well on nasolabial and marionette lines, smoker’s lines, flattened top lips and even the backs of the hands.

Do you wish you’d looked after your teeth?

If you are over 50, you probably remember a poet with a Berkshire country accent called Pam Ayres. She wrote a classic about losing her teeth and lying in the dentist’s chair as she gazed up his nose in despair, and she’s still going strong today.

Well, maybe you are that person now, and yes, although it was a funny poem, being in despair over losing teeth is not at all uncommon. Fortunately, you and Pam don’t have to be in despair for long because things have moved on hugely since Pam wrote her classic comic poem back in the 1970s. Now, you can have dental implants in Camden with us at Ace Dental.

Dental Implants in CamdenBack then, Pam’s 2 options were either dentures or fixed bridgework, neither of which is all that good a solution.


Dentures, well they have to rely on suction to the gums to get any chewing power. For that, you’ll get about a quarter of the chew your natural teeth gave you. It’s not much and it’s coupled with the fact that you will be highly likely to suffer from dentures sliding as the jawbone shrinks away from lack of stimulation. Dental implants in Camden keep your jawbone strong and healthy by providing the stimulation that used to come from your tooth roots, plus because they are embedded into the jawbone, your pearly whites will be able to get through whatever takes your fancy, food-wise.


Bridges are so called because they feature one or more replacement crowns suspended on a bridge that is fixed to the healthy teeth either side of the gap, piggybacking on their roots for stability. Sounds like a pretty good solution, but is it really when it means having those perfectly good teeth ground down to have buttress crowns fitted over them?

In Camden, dental implants are their own tooth roots – posts or screws that are tapered like real roots and fitted into artificial sockets created in the jawbone. They are made of titanium, which the body accepts like one of its own, growing new bone tissue and blood vessels all over the implants to hold them in place as securely as a natural tooth.

A full menu of options for braces in Camden

When it comes to dentistry, no area has moved forward in such leaps and bounds as that of teeth straightening. Public knowledge lags a bit behind though and many people continue to labour under the misapprehension that braces in Camden are chunky metal things that totally obscure their teeth and dig into their cheeks. Not so, at least, not here at Ace Dental, where our list of options for braces in Camden is so long it’s like a good restaurant menu.

Why do we have so many braces in Camden?

Yes, we know that there can be too much choice, but when it comes to braces in Camden, we think that having a really good range of options means that we can cater to everyone’s alignment issues, their lifestyle and their budget.

Braces in CamdenWhat about budget?

Teeth straightening is an investment in the future of your teeth. Straighter teeth last longer because they are easier to keep free from plaque and they are more efficient at chewing, with the whole pressure shared equally so that some teeth don’t crumble away from overuse before their time.

So, what you pay out now will no doubt be saved on later when you avoid fillings, crowns, and maybe even dentures, bridge and dental implants.

Of course, we understand that not many people in austerity-struck London can afford to pay for their braces in one go, which is why we offer different finance options, including 0% finance. Please call for more information.

You can choose from:

Fixed braces – these feature smaller brackets and finer wires than before, but are still the best way to correct severely misaligned teeth. Braces that go on the front of the teeth are made with clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires so that they blend in with the teeth. We also have braces that go on the tongue side of the teeth and are completely hidden from view.

Removable braces – no brackets and wires, but very thin clear plastic trays that go over the teeth like a mouth guard. The movement is done with pressure points built into the aligners that press on the teeth to nudge them into position. Progression is achieved by having a series of aligners.

Filling in the gaps

There must be somewhere in the world where having missing teeth is considered beautiful, but London is not it. Here, missing teeth, especially when they are at the front of the mouth are unattractive, speaking of lack of self-care and bad health. The trouble is that having missing teeth means finding a good reliable way to replace them so that they look and behave like natural teeth.

Dental implants are the latest generation of tooth replacement options and now sit alongside dentures and fixed bridgework in the menu of options for replacing teeth.

Dental Implants in CamdenHere at Ace Dental in Camden, we are finding that dental implants are becoming more popular than the earlier generations of tooth replacement, and it’s easy to see why.

Roots and all

Dental implants are the only way you can replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown. You need tooth roots for stability. They are what keeps the tooth rock steady when you bite into an apple or chew on a great steak. They are also what keeps your jawbone strong and healthy. Without tooth roots transmitting vibrations from all the impacts going on in your mouth into the surrounding jawbone, the bone receives a message that it is no longer in use. When the bone thinks that, it doesn’t just sit there doing nothing, it starts to dissolve itself and 25% of its size and density can disappear in one year alone after tooth loss.

Leave the gap?

Of course, people think about not replacing their teeth, especially if those lost are to the side or the back of the mouth. But doing so leaves an open invitation to neighbouring teeth to drift into the gap, tilt into it and even fall out. Gaps can destabilise all your teeth.

Looking real

Dental implant crowns are handcrafted by technicians so that they blend in with your remaining teeth. They can be sized, shaped and coloured to look like the teeth you have left, or if you don’t have any teeth, like the teeth of someone your age.

Lasting longer

You can expect dental implants in Camden to last for at least 15 years. In fact, many last much longer than that.

Brighter teeth

Your teeth can take on a strange variety of colours as you get older. This happens for various reasons. Food and drink leave behind traces on your dental enamel, and these traces can build up into stains. This staining will be especially pronounced if your tooth-brushing habits are not quite as rigorous as they ought to be. At Ace Dental in Camden, teeth whitening will solve this unsightly problem. Our customised and comfortable teeth whitening procedure will turn your discoloured smile into a dazzling one.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenComfortable whitening

Our patients choose teeth whitening in Camden because their teeth’s enamel surfaces are an unsatisfactory colour. While the range of colours can vary, they all tend to be equally unsatisfying to look at. You might have already started trying to hide your smile when laughing or in photographs. By this point, it’s usually very hard to remove the stains using products available over the counter in Camden. Teeth whitening with Ace Dental is a powerful process that significantly brightens the shade of your dental surfaces.

You can choose exactly which shade of white you want to apply to your teeth. Then this new shade will be applied either by power whitening, or the more gradual at-home process.

In power whitening, you’ll be given a tray to wear over your teeth. This tray is customised to fit comfortably inside your mouth, and contains a special whitening agent. As you relax in our treatment chair, we’ll activate the whitening agent with a lamp, and after around an hour and a half, you’ll have a bright new smile and a mouth that feels super-fresh.

At home in Camden, teeth whitening will take place over a couple of weeks. You’ll wear the tray according to our instructions for specific periods of time. Your teeth will become the same shade of white as in power whitening, but the process will be more gradual.

Ease and appearance

Teeth whitening in Camden is a great way to achieve a significant cosmetic benefit. Your bright smile can help you to feel at ease in social situations, leading to an overall boost in your self-image.

Smoother skin

At Ace Dental in Camden, facial aesthetics is the name we give to the treatments that enhance your appearance. By carefully applying our specially-formulated substances to key areas of your face, we can relax your wrinkles and improve the definition of your contours. If, like many people, you have lines formed by repeated smiling and frowning, we can soften them. Our contemporary solutions can give you a more youthful appearance, and might make you feel more socially confident.

Facial Aesthetics in CamdenVarieties of facial aesthetics in Camden

We can smooth out your between-the-brow frown lines using wrinkle relaxation injections. Crow’s feet will also benefit from this meticulous injection, which can also help to reduce excessive sweating. The treatment temporarily relaxes key muscles associated with wrinkles, which reduces the amount of creasing on your skin. Injections are given in different strengths, according to how much of your wrinkles your wish to get rid of. The other areas of your face will remain unaffected, so your natural appearance will be retained.

Facial aesthetics in Camden also involves facial peels. This treatment removes the top layer of your skin. Signs of age-related damage are removed along with it, so you’ll look fresher. The skin is removed in an even layer after we apply a substance to the whole of your face. The soft and undamaged skin underneath the top layer will then be revealed.

Further treatments

We offer dermal fillers, which can enhance the shape of your facial aesthetics in Camden. This treatment can make your lips more shapely, and rehydrate any dry-looking skin. Lines around your chin and mouth will also benefit.

The duration of these treatments depends on the type and strength of the substances you opt for. You’ll notice the initial effects within days of your visit to our practice. These effects usually last for several months. Many patients opt to have top-up treatments to maintain their newly-improved appearance.

Facial aesthetics in Camden will enhance your overall appearance. It’s a great way to improve your skin, especially if you’re concerned about sagging or wrinkles. Our experienced team delivers care with tact and efficiency, so you can relax throughout the process.

Ways to get the teeth you want

It’s just awful when your teeth start to go. Only people have been in your position of watching their teeth fail, can appreciate how it feels to be faced with the prospect of living the rest of your life with gaps, or tooth restorations that will never be as good as your natural teeth were at biting and chewing, talking and smiling. Hard decisions have to be made. Is it worth shelling out all that money for the most effective restorations? Can you justify dental implants in Camden when it’s such a big initial outlay? After all, generations before you made do with dentures and bridges, in fact, back in the mid-20th century, it was even the fashion to have all your teeth removed when you were in your 20s and get dentures.

Dental Implants in CamdenAh, but dentistry has positively leapt forward since then and no dentist these days would recommend such drastic action. Instead, we are all for helping you keep your natural teeth as long as possible. And, if you do lose one, some or all of them, at Ace Dental, we want you to be able to have the best restorations to suit you. And in many cases, that means dental implants in Camden.

Yes, we know they are not cheap. Here at Ace Dental, dental implants in Camden start at £2,500. It seems like a lot of money, especially when you can get a full set of dentures from £695, but, there is a world of difference between these two restoration methods.

Get the whole tooth replaced

The big difference with dental implants in Camden is that the root of the tooth is replaced as well as the crown. The roots are what keep teeth stable and make them capable of withstanding the powerful forces created when we bite and chew. With roots, you don’t have to worry about your teeth sliding around, or falling out when you least expect it. You also don’t have to worry about your jawbone shrinking away until you look like a little old pointy-chinned witch.

Let us help you

Subject to conditions, you can pay for your dental implants with 0% finance, from as little as £52.48 a month.

A world of choice with braces in Camden

Have you noticed how so many conditions in modern medicine are on a spectrum? That means that someone may have that condition mildly while someone else has a more severe version of it. You could say the same about misalignments? You might just have a mild misalignment, just the one tooth that didn’t descend properly, or was slightly set back. Someone else might have a moderate misalignment where all the teeth are a bit wonky. Someone else might have something pretty severe going on with their jawbones, so that they don’t bite together properly. All of these problems can be solved with braces in Camden at Ace Dental.

Braces in CamdenThing is, kids in the UK who have problems with their bite will probably be able to get help from the NHS. It’s the ones with less severe problems who fall through the funding net and can grow up feeling awful about their teeth but not able to get free treatment. If this was you, you will be relieved to hear that it is never too late to get braces in Camden and get that smile you always wanted.

Teeth move

Teeth are not fixed in the jawbone. Instead, they sit in sockets and are held in place by various fibres like a spider in its web strung between the bars on a gate. To move your teeth all you need is sustained pressure on it. Keep up a gentle pressure for more than 72 hours and the jawbone responds to relieve it. It dissolves the bone in front of the direction of pressure and then builds it up again behind the direction of pressure.

How braces work

Braces work to produce that pressure. The kind that are fixed onto the teeth creating a pulling pressure with wires strung between brackets. The pressure is maintained by tightening the wires every few weeks.

Clear aligners, which go on over the teeth like mouth guards, do the same thing but have bumps and ridges carefully placed inside them that create a pushing pressure. The pressure is maintained by using a series of aligners and changing from one to the next every week or two.

Which kind is right for you? Come and find out!

Get the world smiling with you

That’s what they say, ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’ and it’s true. Smiles are infectious. They make people feel happy to receive and to give, so why not smile as much as you can? Um, perhaps because your teeth don’t look so great?

Well, at Ace Dental we can help you with that little problem. All you need is to brighten up that grin. Even if your teeth are not perfectly straight, or have the odd chip, if they are a good colour, you will feel so much better about showing them off.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenIn Camden, teeth whitening is a very popular way to enhance the smile and it’s easy to see why. It’s a relatively quick and entirely non-invasive way to brighten up your smile.

Here at Ace Dental, we offer two ways to get teeth whitening in Camden. They are:

Power whitening

This is the way to go if you have an important occasion on the horizon. Book a whitening appointment with us and it will only take around an hour to transform your teeth by several shades. You lie back and relax while we carefully protect your soft tissues (gums etc) with a plastic barrier before painting your teeth with a gel. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel is activated when we turn on a UV lamp and it gets to work, lifting out the traces of tea, coffee, red wine and highly pigmented foods that have become stuck in the pores of your tooth enamel.

At-home kits

You can do all this at home, but over a couple of weeks, for a short period every day, with our take home kits. They contain bespoke gel trays, made to fit you exactly from impressions taken at the clinic. The gel has a weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is why treatment takes longer. This means you can do stealth whitening if you don’t want to shock your friends with a sudden transformation. It also means that when you want to top up your treatment, all you need to do is buy more whitening gel.

Whichever way you choose, we think you’ll be delighted with teeth whitening in Camden.