So much choice with braces in Camden

You want a great looking smile that you can feel good about using. You need to get your teeth straightened in order to feel good about your smile. You haven’t done so yet because you think wearing braces means committing to months of metal on your teeth. Well, think again because if there’s one area of dentistry that’s exploded with great choice in recent years, it’s braces in Camden.

Braces in CamdenHere at Ace Dental, when you come to us to get your teeth straightened, we can offer you a range of 6 different brands of braces in Camden. Each one different from the rest of our range, so there is bound to be one that fits in with the way you like to operate, your budget and your individual alignment requirements.

Look! No braces!

The main thing that most adults want from their braces is that they be as discreet as possible, preferably invisible. Our range of braces runs from tooth-coloured bracket and wire braces that blend in with the teeth and can’t be seen across the room, to invisible aligners, to braces that are entirely hidden.

Braces such as 6 Month Smiles feature smaller brackets made of clear ceramic. They are held together by only one wire and this has been coated in a tooth-coloured material. These are great braces for realigning the front 6-8 teeth.

Clear aligners from Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth look like very thin, see-through mouth guards. Once in place, they are very hard to spot. They are removable for easy eating and cleaning. You get a series of aligners to wear, each one moves the teeth a tiny step.

Incognito are bracket and wire braces made of gold alloy. They are fixed to the tongue-side of the teeth, where they are hidden from view. This is a great option if you have complex alignment issues to sort out.

Don’t forget your retainer

Everyone who has braces needs to wear a retainer for some time after their treatment finishes. You can have one bonded to the back of your teeth or wear a mouth guard-style retainer at night.

Give us a call and come in for a consultation.

Want to straighten your teeth?

As an adult, there are ways you think your smile could be better. Having straighter teeth may be a part of this, or it may be that you have gaps between your teeth you’d like to close. The good news is, there are many options to have braces in Camden that can suit your own dental needs as well as your lifestyle.

Braces in CamdenAbout our clinic

Ace Dental in Camden is a modern and welcoming practice offering competent brace solutions to help with teeth straightening or overbite.

We provide a range of easy-to-use, clear and aesthetically-pleasing braces. Each of our options are discreet, easy to clean and comfortable to wear. In fact, there are probably more types of braces available than you think.

Our range of braces in Camden include:

  • removable aligners which are very discreet, can be taken out when you need to eat or clean your teeth, and are easy to put back in
  • lingual braces which are fixed to the inside of your teeth, which means they’re more discreet than traditional braces
  • Invisalign is a popular aligner because it’s almost completely invisible, very comfortable to wear and is suitable for low alignment issues, achieving results within 9-18 months
  • an Inman aligner works by applying some pressure to the front and back of the teeth, which is effective when you only have a few teeth that need adjusting
  • Six Month Smiles are braces made of a nickel-titanium wire, which is tooth-coloured to be discreet and can achieve a difference within 6 months.

Taking care of your braces

You can take some braces out each day before eating and to clean them with a toothbrush.


You can get braces in Camden at a competitive price and can pay in monthly instalments.

Do braces hurt?

Our modern braces in Camden are lightweight and are much more comfortable to wear than they used to be. It may take your teeth and your mouth a while to get used to them, but once you do, you can go about your daily life as you usually would. If you want braces but have concerns about how it will feel, our dental team can talk through these with you.

It’s a commitment, but it’s worth it

If you have been living with wonky teeth for your entire life, it can be both daunting and a big relief when you finally decide to get something done about them.

A relief, because it means that at last, you will be able to stop worrying about what other people see, and what they feel about what they see, when you smile at them.

Braces in CamdenDaunting, because you are the start of a process that could go on for a year or more.

But, then again, it’s a process about which, as yet, you know very little, so no wonder you feel a bit scared. You are probably wondering what it will feel like to have braces on your teeth. Will your teeth ache? Will you get sore patches inside your cheeks? Will everyone think you look a complete idiot and take the mickey? Will you have to spend ages in the toilets at work trying to get trapped food out from behind the brackets and wires?

These are all valid questions and ones we can answer when you come to Ace Dental in Camden for your first consultation. You can tell us all about your fears and worries about going through the braces process, and we will also take a good look at your wonky teeth and be able to come up with some options regarding straightening devices.

If you were brought up in the UK, it’s likely that your teeth won’t be more than moderately out of alignment. This is because your childhood dentist would have picked up on any severe misalignment issues, particularly with regard to the way your jaws come together, and put you forward for treatment on the NHS.

This means that you will be able to take advantages of some great devices that were designed specifically with image-conscious adults in mind. They are far more discreet than the traditional metal bracket and wires braces you are probably imagining you are going to have to have.

When you come in for your consultation, we will be able to talk you through them and help you decide which one to go for.

Why are adult braces in Camden such a trend?

From magazines to catwalks, braces are everywhere. But why are braces — the reason for so much adolescent gracelessness — suddenly trendy? Part of this trend can be explained by the emergence of adult braces, which are basically teeth-straightening devices that do the same job as conventional braces in a more discreet manner.

Braces in CamdenAt Ace Dental, we firmly believe that having braces in Camden for correcting dental problems is the first step to a great smile. More specifically, when it comes to adult braces you can easily make them part of your look without hesitating to smile. This will give you a novel sense of confidence and help restore your oral health.

Orthodontic care is not just for children

It is a very common misconception that braces are just for children and adolescents. However, recent statistics have shown that an increasing number of adults are seeking treatment with braces. After all, braces in Camden are not only about correcting a crooked smile. They can also prevent serious oral health problems later in life and ameliorate your oral hygiene routine because – let’s face it – brushing straighter teeth is always better than cleaning crooked and misaligned teeth.

What are my options?

When prospective orthodontic patients think of adult braces in Camden, they think of Invisalign, but that’s not the only option we offer at Ace Dental. Admittedly, it all started with Invisalign but soon new options became available. At our practice, you can select from a wide variety of fixed or removed teeth-straightening appliances, including Quick Straight Teeth, Invisalign, The Inman Aligner, QST fixed braces, Six Month Smiles and Secret Smile. With so much choice, it is almost impossible not to find something that suits your dental problems and lifestyle needs.

Explore your options

If you have been contemplating braces in Camden for a long time, but you are not sure what type of adult braces would suit your needs, we can help. Please book a consultation appointment and our dentists will examine your teeth carefully. Adult braces are very popular and convenient but unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for them. To find out if you can have them, give us a call today.

Get smiling again with braces in Camden

When was the last time you looked in the mirror, smiled and were completely happy with your teeth? Maybe you can’t even remember because for as long as you’ve known, you’ve had wonky teeth. As a kid, the only way you’d have gotten braces on the NHS was if you had some major dental misalignments; anything less and you had to grin and bear it, which brings us up to the present day. If you’re tired of putting up with crowded, crooked or spaced out teeth, then it’s time to get braces in Camden from Ace Dental.

Braces in CamdenWe provide a range of adult braces in Camden that will leave you smiling, not only after your treatment is complete but during your treatment too. That’s because they are more discreet and comfortable than ever before. Here are just 3 options that you might like to talk to one of braces dentists about:

Inman Aligner

This is one of the speediest braces treatments available. It focuses on the front 6-8 teeth, the ones that are most obvious when you smile. Using 2 spring-loaded bows, the teeth are pushed into alignment. You can have straighter teeth in 6-18 weeks.


These clear, plastic aligners are made using 3D printing technology to fit snugly over your teeth. Ideal for mild to moderate misalignments of your front or back teeth, Invisalign is almost impossible to spot once on. You wear a series of aligners, each for around 7-10 days, over the course of your treatment, which takes on average 12 months. The aligners are removable so you take them out to eat, drink, brush or floss, ensuring minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles

If switching out aligners sounds like too much of a faff for you, then you might want these fixed braces instead. Tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets ensure Six Month Smiles braces blend into the background of your teeth, while gentler forces make for a more comfortable treatment journey. The latter is possible because this treatment focuses on your front teeth, which only have a single root each that requires shifting along.

Book your consultation with us to discuss all your options for braces in Camden.

It’s never too late for braces in Camden

Have you been regretting not getting your teeth straightened when you were young? Or are you regretting not having worn your retainer as much as you should and now your teeth are out of line again? If so, don’t worry, even as an adult you can get your teeth straightened.

And here at Ace Dental, we have a wide range of braces in Camden, so there is bound to be one to suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Braces in CamdenTeeth straightening at any age

If you thought that after the age of 18 or so, you could no longer get your teeth straightened, then you will be delighted to know this is not the case. While it is true that the jawbone sets hard around that time, teeth can be moved at any age. All they need is some sustained pressure. After 72 hours, the jawbone responds to relieve the pressure. It dissolves the bone around the tooth that is being pushed or pulled and then builds it up again behind the direction of pressure. Thus, the socket gradually moves and the tooth never becomes loose.

This process can be done at any age, but as you age it takes longer to achieve. People who have had missing teeth for some time often find that their teeth have wandered a bit and so need to wear braces in Camden to realign them before having restorations fitted, be they dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Which braces are right for you?

Whatever your reasons for needing braces in Camden, at Ace Dental we have quite a range to choose from. You might need braces that are fixed to your teeth so that you don’t have to think about them once they are on. Or you might prefer braces that are removable. Removable braces make eating much easier but you need discipline to remember to put them back in so that the pressure is sustained and you don’t find yourself continually having to restart those all-important initial 72 hours before movement starts.

You might be happy with metal braces, or you might prefer something more discreet. There is a spectrum of discretion that runs from metal, to tooth-coloured, to invisible and completely hidden.

Things you might not know about braces

Most people know a little about braces, but there are many facts that you might not know. This information will help anyone considering getting braces in Camden.

Braces aren’t just for straightening teeth

The obvious use for braces in Camden is straightening crooked, gappy or overcrowded teeth, but braces can also be used to improve a misaligned bite. If you think you may have a misaligned jaw or teeth, here at Ace Dental in Camden we can see if braces could be the answer for you.

Braces in CamdenBraces can be invisible

Braces no longer have to mean having a mouth full of metal. Clear braces still use wires and brackets, but the clear brackets and tooth-coloured wire means they are very discreet. Lingual braces are another option, being fitted to the backs of the teeth they are practically invisible to anyone looking at you.

Braces can be used more than once

Many people wear braces in their teens, but that doesn’t stop them from needing them again as adults. Over the years, teeth can shift again, so a lot of adults return for a second course of braces in Camden.

You will need to watch what you eat

If you have fixed braces, you will need to be a bit careful when eating. Hard or sticky foods can damage the braces if you aren’t careful, and other foods can get stuck in them. The dentist will give you lots of advice about foods to avoid or be wary of.

Good oral hygiene is a must

As the dentist will tell you, it is very important to be extra vigilant about cleaning your teeth once you’ve been fitted with braces in Camden. Food can get caught around the brackets, so you will need to make sure you clean them well.

There are more advantages than straight teeth

A straight and even smile may be the main advantage to getting braces in Camden, but there are lots of other advantages too. Misaligned and crowded teeth can lead to lots of other problems, including gum disease, bad breath and tooth erosion. Bacteria is more likely to build up in hard-to-clean crevices, and mouth bacteria can lead to more serious conditions.

A full menu of options for braces in Camden

When it comes to dentistry, no area has moved forward in such leaps and bounds as that of teeth straightening. Public knowledge lags a bit behind though and many people continue to labour under the misapprehension that braces in Camden are chunky metal things that totally obscure their teeth and dig into their cheeks. Not so, at least, not here at Ace Dental, where our list of options for braces in Camden is so long it’s like a good restaurant menu.

Why do we have so many braces in Camden?

Yes, we know that there can be too much choice, but when it comes to braces in Camden, we think that having a really good range of options means that we can cater to everyone’s alignment issues, their lifestyle and their budget.

Braces in CamdenWhat about budget?

Teeth straightening is an investment in the future of your teeth. Straighter teeth last longer because they are easier to keep free from plaque and they are more efficient at chewing, with the whole pressure shared equally so that some teeth don’t crumble away from overuse before their time.

So, what you pay out now will no doubt be saved on later when you avoid fillings, crowns, and maybe even dentures, bridge and dental implants.

Of course, we understand that not many people in austerity-struck London can afford to pay for their braces in one go, which is why we offer different finance options, including 0% finance. Please call for more information.

You can choose from:

Fixed braces – these feature smaller brackets and finer wires than before, but are still the best way to correct severely misaligned teeth. Braces that go on the front of the teeth are made with clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires so that they blend in with the teeth. We also have braces that go on the tongue side of the teeth and are completely hidden from view.

Removable braces – no brackets and wires, but very thin clear plastic trays that go over the teeth like a mouth guard. The movement is done with pressure points built into the aligners that press on the teeth to nudge them into position. Progression is achieved by having a series of aligners.

A world of choice with braces in Camden

Have you noticed how so many conditions in modern medicine are on a spectrum? That means that someone may have that condition mildly while someone else has a more severe version of it. You could say the same about misalignments? You might just have a mild misalignment, just the one tooth that didn’t descend properly, or was slightly set back. Someone else might have a moderate misalignment where all the teeth are a bit wonky. Someone else might have something pretty severe going on with their jawbones, so that they don’t bite together properly. All of these problems can be solved with braces in Camden at Ace Dental.

Braces in CamdenThing is, kids in the UK who have problems with their bite will probably be able to get help from the NHS. It’s the ones with less severe problems who fall through the funding net and can grow up feeling awful about their teeth but not able to get free treatment. If this was you, you will be relieved to hear that it is never too late to get braces in Camden and get that smile you always wanted.

Teeth move

Teeth are not fixed in the jawbone. Instead, they sit in sockets and are held in place by various fibres like a spider in its web strung between the bars on a gate. To move your teeth all you need is sustained pressure on it. Keep up a gentle pressure for more than 72 hours and the jawbone responds to relieve it. It dissolves the bone in front of the direction of pressure and then builds it up again behind the direction of pressure.

How braces work

Braces work to produce that pressure. The kind that are fixed onto the teeth creating a pulling pressure with wires strung between brackets. The pressure is maintained by tightening the wires every few weeks.

Clear aligners, which go on over the teeth like mouth guards, do the same thing but have bumps and ridges carefully placed inside them that create a pushing pressure. The pressure is maintained by using a series of aligners and changing from one to the next every week or two.

Which kind is right for you? Come and find out!

Teeth straightening with modern braces in Camden

We have great news for anyone out there who is looking to get their teeth aligned with braces in Camden. You couldn’t choose a better time to get your teeth straightened. Modern braces offer you a way to straight teeth that will not compromise your lifestyle or appearance whilst you are wearing them. Advances in the way braces work mean quicker treatment times, increased comfort and more discretion. Many braces in Camden are clear or tooth-coloured. We have lots of brace options to help you get the smile of your dreams, including the brace that is taking the world by storm, Invisalign. Why not join the millions of adults enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth with one of our modern brace systems?

Braces in CamdenOur teeth straightening braces in Camden are able to fix problems such as crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, usually in just a few months. Treatment times vary from patient to patient.


Here at Ace Dental we have discreet braces in Camden, so discreet, they are almost invisible. This brace is called Invisalign. Invisalign is popular with adults, perhaps due to the fact is removable and transparent. Many adults who had ruled out fixing their teeth because they didn’t want to wear visible braces, now have straight teeth thanks to Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works in a different way to traditional braces. It uses aligners made of thin, clear plastic, which are worn over your teeth. These aligners move your teeth from being crooked to straight. Most people will never realise you are wearing the aligners when they are in your mouth; great news for anyone who does not want to draw attention to the fact they are having their teeth straightened.

Can Invisalign help you?

Invisalign can straighten mild to moderate tooth straightening needs. If you have more severe tooth straightening requirements, you may need additional treatments. Invisalign should work for you if you are committed to your treatment plan. If you feel you will be able to keep your aligners in for the majority of the day and night, you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Call us today to find out more.