Cosmetic Dentistry

Clever ways with cosmetic dentistry in Camden

Do you think all those people you see smiling on the telly and around you in the real world were born with those beautiful gleaming, orderly teeth? Think again. Almost every single person you see with an almost perfect smile will have had some kind of cosmetic dentistry. And you know what that means? It means you can have a fabulous smile too.

What is it about your teeth that you would like to fix? Whatever the issue, here at Ace Dental in Camden, you can be pretty sure we have a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can resolve it.

Cosmetic Dentistry in CamdenIt may just be something tiny, like a chip off a canine tooth (they are the third pair back from the front teeth, the vampire teeth). Or maybe your bottom two front teeth are slightly set back from the others. Or maybe it’s a whole range of issues: twisted teeth, staining, all sorts of damage from a life well lived. Our cosmetic dentists have seen it all and resolved it too, and you won’t find any judgement here, no matter how badly you have neglected or mistreated your valuable teeth. All we want to do is make sure you get all the social and mental wellbeing benefits of having a good smile and that your teeth last as long as possible.

Wonky teeth

Having straight teeth makes a big difference to how you feel about yourself, and the good news is that you can get your teeth aligned at any age. It does take longer as you get older but your teeth can be aligned with one of our range of cosmetic braces.

Teeth whitening

People really notice what colour your teeth are, so if you are embarrassed by the colour of your teeth, chances are that others will have also spotted the staining. We offer 2 ways to get your teeth whitened here at Ace Dental. You can have them done in an hour or so in the clinic, or you can do it yourself more gradually at home with one of our bespoke kits.

Veneers and composite bonding

We also have ways to cover up chips, cracks and gaps so that your teeth look like new again.

The importance of being smiley

The one thing that people notice first about others when they meet is whether or not they smile. Smiling is hard-wired into us as a non-verbal communication of being friendly and peaceful, so if someone is not smiling, we tend to be a bit wary of them.

No one ever thinks, on meeting a non-smiler, ‘Oh poor thing, I wonder if they have got terrible teeth and are too embarrassed to show them’. We have more hard-wired reactions like, ‘Oh, they’re unfriendly’, or ‘I wonder why they’re angry’.

Not smiling a greeting can also be some kind of power play, like when the poor contestants go into the Dragons’ Den to present their business ideas and smile hello but get deadpan responses back.

Cosmetic Dentistry in CamdenBeing smiley makes such a huge difference to all our communications, from the important to the fleeting encounters, smiling smooths our way through each day. So to be too embarrassed by your teeth to smile is a big social handicap.

A helping hand for your smile

This is the reason why, in the last decade or two, cosmetic dentistry in Camden has become as popular as other forms of self-enhancement, such as haircuts, clothes, and shoes. Unlike the former, cosmetic dentistry treatments can last for years.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment because it requires no alteration to the structure of the teeth. It can also be done at home with a DIY kit from us at Ace Dental in Camden.

Teeth whitening won’t get rid of all stains however, and that’s when people can use veneers or cosmetic bonding to cover up discolouration. Of the two, cosmetic bonding, when composite materials are moulded over the teeth, is cheaper and less invasive. That said, bonding is really only suitable for the biting teeth at the front. Teeth that are used for chewing need something sturdier, such as veneers. These porcelain sheaths are fitted onto the fronts of teeth that have had a very thin layer of enamel removed to create a rough surface for the adhesive to bond to.

Cosmetic braces are also on offer for those who need teeth straightening, but no bite correction.

Using cosmetic dentistry for the perfect smile

Are you happy with your smile? Is there something you would like to change about it? Many people feel self-conscious about smiling but are unsure about what they can do to improve it. At Ace Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that can help you realise your dream of a perfect smile.

cosmetic dentistryWe have a passion for cosmetic dentistry and believe a smile that you want to show off can boost your self-esteem, as well as your social and professional interactions. Our dentists are highly experienced in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry and will work with you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and materials, we will deliver the perfect solution for your smile, tailored to your individual wants, needs and lifestyle.

Cosmetic dental treatment, once the preserve of celebrities, is increasingly popular with patients from all kinds of backgrounds. It may be that you have a specific treatment in mind, such as teeth whitening or discreet orthodontics, or it may be that you would like to change your smile but are unsure of what treatment you need to improve it. In the latter case, we recommend booking a smile makeover consultation.

A smile makeover involves a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists to develop a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

We will find out a bit about you, your lifestyle and what you would like to change about your smile. Your dentist will then examine your teeth and gums, paying particular attention to any issues you have raised, before discussing the best treatment options.

Your perfect treatment will depend on your individual circumstances. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Discreet orthodontics
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants

In some cases you will need just one treatment, while in others two or more treatments will be combined to give you the perfect smile.