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When you have problems with your teeth, this can impact on your life in many ways. One thing that it can do is lower your confidence, as you may be thinking that people are judging you as a result of your smile. If this is how you feel, then there are things that you do about it, and Quick Straight Teeth braces are a good option when time is of the essence.

What are Quick Straight Teeth braces?

Quick Straight Teeth braces are almost invisible, as they use clear braces to help bring your front teeth in line. Whereas other kinds of braces move all of your teeth, Quick Straight Teeth focus on the 6 or 8 teeth at the front of your mouth, as these are the teeth that people will be able to see when you speak to them.

What are the advantages of Quick Straight Teeth?

There are a number of advantages with Quick Straight Teeth, including:

  • Thanks to the fact that these braces don’t cost a huge amount of money to develop in the lab, they can be a very cost-effective option when compared to other brace types
  • The materials that are used in this brace are see-through, meaning that they are almost invisible. This means that unless you decide to tell people that you’re wearing braces, they probably won’t notice
  • The treatment time is lower with these braces, thanks to the fact that it’s only your front teeth that are being treated. You can expect to be wearing these for anywhere between 4 and 24 weeks depending on the severity of the issue that is being corrected
  • The braces are more comfortable than braces that are attached to all of your teeth, meaning that wearing them won’t have as much of an impact on your daily life as other appliances might

How will I know if Quick Straight Teeth are right for me?

There are many things that will need to be considered before you go ahead and have any kind of dental treatment. We can talk you through all of your options and then work together to come to a decision about your treatment.

If you are mainly concerned with your front teeth and are happy with the way that your back teeth look, then there is a good chance that Quick Straight Teeth could be a good option for you, as the treatment focuses on your front teeth only.

When we reach a decision, we will take an impression of your teeth to have your brace made from, and can then invite you in to have it fitted. It will be adjusted periodically to make sure it’s right for your changing teeth and will be removed when we are both happy with the overall results of the treatment.

How do I care for my teeth with Quick Straight Teeth in place?

You should always make sure that you have a good dental routine in place, as this means that your treatment will be as effective as possible. Also, it will prevent your braces from leaving marks once they have been removed.

Ideally, you will brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste, and also use mouthwash on a regular basis. Even if you weren’t in the habit of caring for your teeth in this way before, it is a very good habit to get into, as it means that you are much less likely to need any kind of dental treatment in the future.

Once your braces have been removed, you may need to wear a retainer for a while, to make sure that your teeth don’t just slip back into the position that they were in before. By doing this, you are sure to be happy with the smile that we can create together, giving you the confidence that you have been lacking.

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