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19 September 2018

A world of choice with braces in Camden

Have you noticed how so many conditions in modern medicine are on a spectrum? That means that someone may have that condition mildly while someone else has a more severe version of it. You could say the same about misalignments? You might just have a mild misalignment, just the one tooth that didn’t descend properly, or was slightly set back. Someone else might have a moderate misalignment where all the teeth are a bit wonky. Someone else might have something pretty severe going on with their jawbones, so that they don’t bite together properly. All of these problems can be solved with braces in Camden at Ace Dental.

Thing is, kids in the UK who have problems with their bite will probably be able to get help from the NHS. It’s the ones with less severe problems who fall through the funding net and can grow up feeling awful about their teeth but not able to get free treatment. If this was you, you will be relieved to hear that it is never too late to get braces in Camden and get that smile you always wanted.

Teeth move

Teeth are not fixed in the jawbone. Instead, they sit in sockets and are held in place by various fibres like a spider in its web strung between the bars on a gate. To move your teeth all you need is sustained pressure on it. Keep up a gentle pressure for more than 72 hours and the jawbone responds to relieve it. It dissolves the bone in front of the direction of pressure and then builds it up again behind the direction of pressure.

How braces work

Braces work to produce that pressure. The kind that are fixed onto the teeth creating a pulling pressure with wires strung between brackets. The pressure is maintained by tightening the wires every few weeks.

Clear aligners, which go on over the teeth like mouth guards, do the same thing but have bumps and ridges carefully placed inside them that create a pushing pressure. The pressure is maintained by using a series of aligners and changing from one to the next every week or two.

Which kind is right for you? Come and find out!

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