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15 August 2018

Keep your braces treatment quiet

Braces in Camden have come a long way: time was, if you wanted straighter teeth, fixed metal braces were your only option. And while they did the job, it was a bit like getting a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Never mind the taunts of ‘brace face’ and stares and personal questions from strangers that accompanied treatment. It’s no wonder adults didn’t often choose to wear these highly conspicuous devices.

You see, while fixed metal braces in Camden are necessary for complex realignment of the teeth and jaws, such as teenagers need, for adults who just want to straighten up their teeth a little, there are now better tools for the job. Fixed metal braces will do the work, but how much better if it can be done more quickly and discreetly?

Enter clear and hidden braces in Camden. Yes, it is possible to get straighter teeth without anyone knowing. There are a range of options available. At Ace Dental, we offer the following treatments.


These are clear plastic, removable aligners, similar to mouth guards. They come in pairs and slot neatly over the teeth and gums. Once in place, they are invisible to all but the most dedicated observer.

Inman Aligner

Treatment with this aligner can be very quick: it can take as little as six weeks. And while it is held in place with metal fixings, the section across the front of the teeth can be made from clear plastic, making it reasonably discreet.

Quick Straight Teeth

There are two methods available from QST: either a clear aligner, similar to Invisalign, or a fixed braces system that uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires, that blend into the teeth.

Lingual braces

These fixed metal braces can do almost all the work that their front-facing counterparts can. Only difference is, they are fixed to the back profile of the teeth, and so are hidden from view.

Six Month Smiles

These are tooth-coloured fixed metal braces that work in a similar way to Quick Straight Teeth.

Why not drop into Ace Dental today and find out more about braces in Camden?

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