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29 September 2017

The final sparkle

Nothing says youth and health like a set of lovely gleaming white teeth. And the great thing about this particular way of looking great is that it is entirely non-invasive and can last for several months.

If you are thinking about having something done to brighten up your looks for the autumn, instead of having a new hair-do, or new boots, why not invest in freshening up your smile at Ace Dental? In Camden, teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. We think people love it because it can be done really quickly in one visit, or at home over a couple of weeks. It’s a versatile treatment, and how it’s done can be built around our patients’ needs. If they have an important event in the very near future, they can pop in for an hour or so and get their teeth whitening in Camden done in around an hour.

How teeth whitening works

All it takes is an hour’s chill out time while the lips and gums are protected with special barriers and the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and activated with a UV light. If it’s a while since you had the plaque removed from your teeth, it’s a good idea to have a scale and polish first.

Or, if time is not of the essence, you can opt for home whitening treatment. You pop in to get impressions taken, and these are used to make gel trays that fit your teeth exactly. You take these home with some less concentrated gel, put it in the trays and then wear them overnight, or for several hours during the day. You will have to do this every day for around two weeks to see results, so home teeth whitening does require some discipline. On the other hand, you will have a set of trays and can use them to top up your teeth whitening in Camden whenever you like.

In Camden, teeth whitening also makes a great final treatment to set off the sparkle on other cosmetic dental work, such as having your teeth straightened with fixed or removable braces.

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