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22 June 2018

Treat yourself to a brighter smile

Do you ever look at people who seem to have it all: gorgeous clothes, loads of friends, and a beautiful Hollywood smile, and think, why them? Well the good news is, this can be you. Well, maybe not the whole Hollywood package, but the brilliant white teeth are possible. Overtime, teeth get stained from different foods, drinking tea or red wine, and smoking. But there is no need to feel self-conscious when you smile if you get teeth whitening in Camden.

White teeth in no time

Here at Ace Dental, you can choose to get it done in one day. This is perfect if you have a special event coming up, or just can’t wait to have a dramatic change. This is done by power whitening. You can relax in our comfy chair for roughly an hour and a half while the hydrogen peroxide works on your teeth, activated by a UV light. You can make yourself at home reading a book or watching TV, and then it’s all done.

Whitening from home

There are other ways to go about teeth whitening in Camden. If you’re not in such a rush to get them treated right away, you can do it over several days and see the same quality results. This involves receiving trays to wear each day or overnight for a period of time.

Am I suitable?

Most people are suitable for teeth whitening in Camden. However, at your consultation our dentist can advise whether you are suitable for the treatment. Some people may not be able to have their teeth whitened if they have gum disease or crowns for example. If this is the case, the dentist will explore other ways to make sure you feel comfortable with your smile, without putting the health of your teeth at risk. Our dentist will examine what kind of staining your teeth have and suggest the best option for you.

Fingers crossed you will be suitable. Even if you’re not 100% sure and you’ve found yourself wondering about the possibility of having whiter teeth recently, you have nothing to lose by coming to chat to one of our friendly staff and learn a bit more about it here at Ace Dental.

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