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15 March 2017

Another use for all that dental training

Are you thinking about softening your wrinkles and wondering where to go for facial aesthetics in Camden? Have you considered using a dentist for treatments such as Botox?

At first it may seem strange to go to a dentist for facial aesthetics in Camden, but here’s why more and more people are doing so.

The face experts

Dentists are experts in faces. They have been to dental school for 7 years to train in teeth and mouths. A large part of their dental training is developing a deep understanding and familiarity with the anatomy of the head, face, mouth, throat and neck. They are intimate with all those nerves and tendons, muscles and tissue that you want looked after with facial aesthetics in Camden.

This means that when dentists train in facial rejuvenation techniques, they already know the important stuff. You wouldn’t go to someone who isn’t medically trained for a surgical facelift, so why go to someone who isn’t medically trained for temporary, albeit long-lasting, facial aesthetics in Camden.

Why choose Ace Dental?

At Ace Dental, we have a proven track record of looking after the needs of our patients, whether they come in for general or cosmetic dental treatments. Our patients can attest to the pride we take in giving them quality care. In our caring and comfortable surroundings, you will receive the attention you deserve and the treatment you want.

Your facial aesthetics treatment with us will focus on the problem areas that you think need some help. The areas most commonly treated are the crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines and lines around the mouth.

One treatment for these wrinkles is Botox, which we inject to temporarily relax the muscles in the face. This results in a smoother facial appearance. Our expertise means that your treatment will make you look younger and more refreshed, whilst avoiding that unnatural frozen look that is the result of a heavy-handed delivery of Botox.

Botox treatments with facial aesthetics in Camden are expected to last for about 4 months, so you may want to book a top-up session about 3 months after your initial treatment.

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