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29 December 2017

Great teeth again

When our teeth start to fail, things can get pretty depressing. The basic premise in modern dentistry is that it our own teeth will always be preferable to replacements, but when the roots are on the way out, the best thing to do is get another root put in. That’s why at Ace Dental, we recommend dental implants in Camden.

Crowns, the white bits, are the action part of the teeth. They do the biting and chewing. But teeth, like trees, need roots to stay put. Roots do the vital job of anchoring your teeth while the crowns and jaws do the eating bit. Your jaws, if you are a man, create up to 97kg or 200lbs of force when you’re giving your all to the mastication of a good steak or a wonderfully crunchy apple. Try reducing either of those to a swallowable paste with no roots.

The difference dental implants can make

At Ace Dental, our experiences as dentists confirms the hype around dental implants in Camden. They really are the only tooth replacement method that can give you back fully functioning teeth because they are the only method that replaces the roots as well as the crowns.

Roots are important, not only for holding our teeth in place as we eat, talk and laugh, but also for the health of our jaws. The bone in our jaws is dependent on our teeth to send it messages to renew itself. These messages are the tiny tremors that travel down the root into the surrounding bone cells each time we eat, talk and generally touch our teeth together.

Lose those tremors and the jawbone thinks it is no longer in use around the area where that root was. It very quickly starts to resorb, sending the nutrients elsewhere in the body. In Camden, dental implants inserted into the jaw take over the role of messenger, keeping the jawbone strong and healthy.

It is not necessary to replace every single tooth with an implant, as each implant can carry up to three crowns, and there are techniques to replace all the teeth on one arch with between four and six specially-angled implants.

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