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16 February 2018

New teeth: for real

The thing with substitutes is that they are never quite as good as the real thing. Dyed hair never really looks natural. Artificial flowers, well, you can tell after about 10 seconds they’re not real. But with dental implants in Camden, there is finally a way to replace teeth with something that looks lifelike and works as well as the teeth they are replacing.

At Ace Dental in Camden, dental implants are taking over as people’s first choice for teeth replacement precisely because they are so good at mimicking nature. There’s two things about dental implants that make them so good: one is the way they are anchored into the jawbone and the other is what the crowns are made of, and how they are made.

The crowns

These are handmade from porcelain by skilled dental technicians. One might argue that these people are true artisans because they bring all their experience, talent and skill into producing porcelain teeth that look as much like the teeth they are replacing as you can get. Porcelain is the perfect material for false teeth because it has the same light-reflecting properties as tooth enamel. It can be coloured and sculpted to resemble young, white, perfect teeth, or more mature slightly duller teeth that have a bit of dentin showing through. The dental technicians can recreate the shape of the teeth you have lost from old photos, of, if you have them, impressions of your teeth.

The roots

This is where dental implants in Camden really steal a march on other replacement teeth such as dentures and bridges. The implants, which are made of titanium, replace the root of the tooth. The dentist either taps or screws them (depending on their shape) into special channels drilled into the jawbone. Once in place, the titanium, which is highly biocompatible, stimulates the bone tissue to grow all overs its surface, eventually holding it in place as securely as a natural tooth root. As long as you take care not to get gum disease, your implant will stay there for decades. By being anchored into your jawbone, your implants will act like real teeth, allowing you to eat whatever you want, no matter how sticky, crunchy or chewy it is.

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