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16 August 2017

Replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Camden

If you are missing one, several, or all of your teeth, you may be all too aware of their significance to your appearance and oral health. Teeth are designed to work together, to allow you chew, speak and eat comfortably. One or more missing teeth can affect your oral function and lead to further tooth loss. Fortunately, missing teeth can be replaced permanently with dental implants.

At Ace Dental in Camden, dental implants are our treatment of choice for patients who want to restore their oral function. This is because, unlike other tooth replacement options such as conventional bridges and dentures, dental implants become an integral part of the mouth and offer a secure and stable foundation for replacement teeth.

However, dental implants are not for everyone. Potential patients must be healthy enough for surgery and have adequate bone to support the dental implants. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you decide whether dental implants are the right treatment for you.

What’s involved?

There are many kinds of dental implants available in the market. Generally, dental implants are small, titanium, screw-shaped posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. This way they act as root replacement for missing teeth, ready to support replacement teeth such as crowns, dentures or bridges. Dental implants have the unique ability to fuse with the jawbone because they are made of titanium, a metal that is compatible with human bone tissue.

Treatment with dental implants can take only one day, several months or somewhere in between. Our dentists will outline a detailed treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Generally, there are three stages of implant treatment – the placement of the dental implants, a healing period and the replacement of the missing teeth. While waiting for your replacement teeth, your dentist may give you a temporary crown, bridge or denture to help you eat and speak until you have received your permanent teeth.

A permanent solution

Dental implants have many advantages. They are attractive; they preserve your jawbone, restore your oral function and prevent further tooth loss. If you are missing teeth and you want to learn more about dental implants in Camden, call our office today and book your appointment.

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